My Approach

Take a Sound, Efficient Approach

Everything you say and do during your divorce is open to scrutiny. All of your actions are magnified, and emotions can run high. But this doesn’t mean your divorce has to be chaotic.

Although you may not have control over whether you get divorced, you can certainly choose how you approach your divorce. And you can choose to plan your decisions wisely.

Most important, you can make a conscious choice to be strong, confident
and supported by a team of expert professionals.

As your Certified Divorce Coach, I’ll provide you with the structure and resources you need to gain a sense of control and confidence over your divorce.

Together we’ll develop a solid and steady plan that moves you through the divorce process efficiently, less expensively—and with your pride and credibility intact.

I’ll Stay with You through Every Stage of the Game

Whether you are in the beginning, middle or end of your divorce, I’ll use my extensive expertise to help:

  • Prepare you for each new step in the process
  • Find the right legal and/or financial representation for you
  • Save you money by working through issues that don’t require an attorney
  • Provide a safe haven in which you can openly discuss your feelings
  • Connect you with counselors or mental health professionals (if needed)
  • Offer communication guidance that assures you remain credible
  • Manage the maze of paperwork that divorce requires
  • Create strategies that enable you to respond to provocation with integrity
  • Lessen the impact of divorce on your children

Through my authentic personal approach, I’ll help you make decisions that allow you to feel certain you’ve handled this challenging situation with dignity and integrity.

Contact Me Today for a Complimentary Consultation

Connect with me today to arrange your complimentary 45-minute consultation. There’s no obligation and it’s a perfect chance to discover if we’d work well together.

You don’t have to feel trapped and unappreciated during your divorce. I can help you.