Choose Efficiency

Divorce is hard. It is frustrating, and it can be intimidating. Even when working with the strongest attorneys we often need support outside the legal offices. Unfortunately, it’s easy for us to do things that make it even more difficult for ourselves, our families and our legal representation.

This is because the divorce process moves our lives to a more public stage – into a “fishbowl,” if you will – so that what once seemed like simple everyday actions can now ripple down to negatively impact our reputation, our credibility, and our self-esteem.

Emotions run high and hot during divorce, and choices we make under these conditions can have a disastrous effect on important decision
that must be made about our own lives and about the lives of our children.

I am here to tell you: It doesn’t have to be that way!

Realizing and visualizing how “divorce happens in a fishbowl” can help you take specific actions to help you stay credible and strong while navigating the entire course of your divorce, from beginning to end, and even in the time that follows (…and yes, that time will surely come).

Working together, we will help you:

  • Find the professional resources that will serve you best
  • Work efficiently with legal representation
  • Ease the impact on you, children, your family and friends
  • Reduce the expenses of your divorce
  • Shorten the time table
  • Move forward through your divorce process with confidence
  • Protect your dignity and rely on your integrity
  • Feel strong and sure of yourself throughout and after your divorce

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