What is a Divorce Coach?

When you are going through divorce, you need a great support team.  The obvious needs include a lawyer, an accountant, and supportive friends.  Some people also benefit from a therapist’s help. There are many divorce related professionals available to meet your needs.

But what do you do when you need help navigating the divorce itself?

You may need assistance with:

  • Understanding your options for the divorce process;
  • Finding a lawyer;
  • Coping after contentious conversations;
  • Preserving your retainer;
  • Managing all the paperwork;
  • Sorting through feelings;
  • Communicating in a way that reduces confrontations;
  • Understanding how divorce will affect your children and helping them cope.
Who do you turn to when dealing with the challenges and transitions living with divorce after the settlement has been signed?  You may need support:
  • Discovering and setting boundaries
  • Finding resources to address financial, parenting, legal issues
  • Establishing a strong and confident you
  • Communicating effectively with your ex spouse

This is a divorce coach can help.

divorce coach, can help you deal with the emotional and logistical demands of divorce.  Acting as your guide, listener, sounding board, and cheerleader.

As your guide, a coach will preview the steps of the divorce process with you and help you prepare so that you are ready and not surprised.

As a listener and sounding board, provide a safe, non-judgmental, confidential haven for you to vent, discuss options, discover a plan for your future, and respond rather than react to communications.

As your cheerleader,  offer encouragement and celebrate milestones big and small with you as you implement your plan for the future.

Coaching reduces the stress and anxiety that divorce can inflict on you and your children.

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