Better Communication During Divorce

For many people, communication and divorce are a contradiction in terms – like oil and water: two substances that just don’t want to mix.

But learning how to communicate effectively during divorce is absolutely key to minimizing its hardships. You need to maintain open lines of communication not just with your (ex-) spouse, but also with your attorney, your family, and your friends. That’s a lot to manage. But it has huge payoffs.

Good communication during divorce will:

  • Keep the divorce process productive and moving forward.
  • Reduce your legal expenses. (really!)
  • Conserve the energy of you and your loved ones.
  • Protect your reputation and credibility.

To be successful at communicating, you must learn to anticipate difficult situations and be prepared to handle them, or defer them for later. You have to give yourself time to craft a response, one that sticks to the facts and avoids drama. You need a safe haven to vent your frustrations so your emotions don’t overburden your family and friends. You may even discover you can use help condensing your communications to your attorney (time is money, after all). And you’ll need strategies for doing all of the above.

Who is the best person to help you with all of this? A divorce coach – a trusted advisor who can show you how to communicate so that all your relationships function more smoothly. More important, she’s someone who will keep you from saying or writing things that could make your divorce harder than it has to be.

Contact me and let’s get your situation moving in a positive direction now.


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