Tips and Strategies

  • How to Stay in Control

    Divorce, at all stages, involves dealing with others’ actions.  Your ex’s actions and communications can provoke an emotionally charged reaction in you.  You can also be affected by things that your children, other family members or friends say and do. You can’t control the actions of others; you can only control your response to their […]

  • Legal Representation

    Good legal representation is critical for you to divorce in a way that best positions you to move on with your life. Before making ANY agreement with your spouse you should speak with an attorney. A good attorney will: Listen to you share your situation Help you consider mediation, collaboration, and litigation options Explain the […]

  • Settlement Topics

    Divorce requires a settlement document that both parties have approved. I was once told divorce is all about loss and the settlement process bares that truth with full force. You divvy up everything – nothing goes untouched. I prepare clients to anticipate loss-related emotions and strategize plans to manage their reactions as well as their […]

  • Lawyer Interview Checklist

    If you are facing divorce, you need good legal representation. It is important to interview at least two or three divorce lawyers to gauge their ability to help you and their fit with the tone you want to set for your divorce. While you should get the best legal help that you can afford, there […]