Divorce: Where Do You Stand?

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The process of divorce is difficult and challenging, demanding a great deal out of us. It is my mission to provide the guidance, support and resources you need to ease the impact of divorce on your life. 

When we work together, you will have an experienced thinking partner in your corner, helping you avoid the major pitfalls of divorce, and helping you preserve your credibility and reputation.

This questionnaire, “Divorce: Where do you Stand?” will provide insight as to where my support would be most beneficial to you.  Based on your responses, you and I will design strategies that will encourage forward movement, minimize chaos and increase your confidence.

Together, we can make your journey easier.

Take this quiz to see if you are on track to be strong, confident and credible while you deal with your divorce. In what areas you could use support?

1. Do you have legal representation?

  1. Yes, I am confident in my decision
  2. No, I have some names but hesitating to make an appointment
  3. No, and I don’t have a clue where to start

2. How would you describe your legal representation?
  1. Problem Solver
  2. Wet Towel
  3. Flame Thrower

3. Have you connected with a Financial Advisor?
  1. Yes, we have met or have a meeting scheduled
  2. Not yet, I can do that later
  3. No, I know what I am doing

4. Do you feel you have a team of professionals supporting you?
  1. Yes, I feel strongly supported and confident in my team
  2. How do I create a team?
  3. No, I am feeling lost and overwhelmed

5. Rate your communication style with your (ex)spouse:
  1. Challenging but generally positive
  2. Confrontational and highly charged
  3. Non-existent

6. Are you able to speak positively about your (ex)spouse when talking to your children?
  1. Doing my best, but he/she makes it very challenging
  2. I do, but my ex(spouse) still speaks negatively of me
  3. No way

7. What best describes your current overall behavior?
  1. Responsive / Proactive
  2. Sluggish / Stuck
  3. Reactive / Impulsive

8. Which best describes how you feel about your next step?
  1. Anticipated and prepared
  2. Worried and anxious
  3. Confused and scared

9. Who do you turn to discuss your divorce experiences?
  1. My team – Divorce Coach, Attorney, Financial Advisor
  2. Family and Friends
  3. I feel completely isolated

10. Which describes best how you are taking care of yourself?
  1. I am doing my best to exercise and eat well
  2. I want to be exercising and sleeping better but need encouragement
  3. I am barely able to get out of bed

If you have answered mostly:

A’s: You have found strategies to approach your divorce in a way that protects your dignity and keeps you credible and moving forward.

B’s: You are trying hard and see the possibilities. With the right support you could retake the quiz and circle the A’s. Check out My Approach to supporting clients. Contact me if you have any questions or if you’re ready to get started.

C’s: The fact that you took this quiz suggests that you may be interested in approaching your divorce in a more productive, less stressful and contentious manner. If this is the case, contact me to talk about your situation. Together, we will get you on a stronger path.

Now what? Your next step can depend on many things.
Please contact me to discuss any questions you may have.

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