Envision a New Christmas

Yes, Christmas is a tough holiday. It can seem nearly impossible to let go of Christmas memories and deal with the new realities.  But then are you missing Christmas of the past or are you holding on to vision of what you think a Christmas should be? It is important to be honest with yourself. Too often we miss the concept of what something is because we are lost in what we think it should be – only to miss the experience altogether. 

So let’s take a look at your memories:

What about your Christmas history did you enjoy the most? List two or three traditions you adore.

What about your Christmas history would you change? This is your opportunity to get rid of the things you don’t like about the holidays! List one or two things that you do not want to do anymore.

Close your eyes and envision a Christmas free of the past. What do you see? List two or three visions of what Christmas could be.

What needs to be done to make these visions a reality? What arrangements do you need to make? Who do you need to involve? Create a list. 

What would hold you back from making your new Christmas a reality? Write them down.

Who could you turn to for support to help make your new Christmas vision a reality? Contact two or three people – loved ones or professionals, or both!

Close your eyes again, and envision your new Christmas, but now with your hard work accomplished. Hold on to that vision as your persevere to create new Christmas memories!

And remember: it is ok to rely on friends and family to help you. Loved ones are often looking for a way to lend you energy and assistance when you are working hard to move forward in a positive way. If you need additional support this holiday season, please contact me  for added motivation and a means to be held accountable to your visions – further increasing the chances of a better Christmas holiday! 

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