Forever Didn’t Last. Now What?

If you’ve recognized your marriage is in jeopardy, you may be asking yourself a very simple question.

Now what?

One important thing you can do is to consider how to reach a resolution from where you are now.

  • Identify your ultimate goal
  • Break your situation down into manageable pieces
  • Take things step by step until you reach an acceptable outcome

Focusing on your eventual outcome can be overwhelming and lead to feelings of indecision, paralysis or impulsiveness. To make things easier, start by thinking about the definition of the word, resolution:

“The process of reducing things into simpler terms.”

When you break down your situation into manageable pieces, the entire process becomes easier to wrap your head around. Working together, I will help you:

  • Discover the strongest areas of common ground between you and your spouse
  • Create a plan that is specific to your unique circumstances
  • Stick to your plan during unexpected turmoil


You don’t have to feel trapped and unappreciated during your divorce. I can help you.