Help is on the Way!

Things are a mess and you need help.

When you marriage is at risk of ending in divorce life can become messy, chaotic, confusing, intimidating, and frustrating.  Fortunately, all these emotions can be minimized and managed by implementing a sound plan that’s appropriate for your unique situation.

The most challenging problems I can help you with include:

Finding Common Ground

  • Discovering areas of agreement can provide a foundation for forging a new and productive relationship with your spouse.

Better Communication

  • Learning how to communicate effectively through your divorce is essential to a sane outcome.  Although it can be difficult, clear communication is the key to reducing hardships that come with divorce.

Legal Representation

  • Finding a strong attorney and understanding your options for divorce (mediation, collaboration, or litigation) are important steps in being able to think clearly as you move through the process.

Managing the information flow

  • Knowing whether to share or shield financial information can be critical during your divorce.  The same could be said for knowing when to discuss your legal strategy with friends and family-and knowing when doing so can be extremely unproductive.

Controlling Anger

  • Anger leads to chaos. Plain and simple. Learning to properly manage your anger or defuse your spouse’s anger goes a long way towards reducing expenses, emotional pain, and wasted time and energy.