Is Your Trial Separation On The Right Path?

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Taking steps to define and structure your separation can help you avoid further emotional turmoil, as well as ease the anxieties of the non-initiating spouse.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself to start your separation off on the right path:

  1. Who is going to move out?
    When and where?

    Bear in mind that during a trial separation, in many states, you are still legally married and the rules of property ownership remain the same.


  1. How and when will the moving-out spouse remove their things?
    What will they take?


  1. How and when can the moving-out spouse access the marital home?


  1. How will the new residence be financed (rented or purchased)?
    What about furniture?


  1. What are you going to tell your children, their teachers, your family, your friends?
    When will you do this?


  1. Will you commit to counseling as a couple?


  1. What are your arrangements to secure financial and legal advice?


  1. Where are the children staying?
    Consider holidays, vacations, and other occasions when you may wish to take the children out of town.


  1. Who will handle bill paying?
    What about jointly held credit cards and bank accounts?


  1. How will you be communicating with each other and how often?

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