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Good legal representation is critical for you to divorce in a way that best positions you to move on with your life. Before making ANY agreement with your spouse you should speak with an attorney.

A good attorney will:

  • Listen to you share your situation
  • Help you consider mediation, collaboration, and litigation options
  • Explain the specifics of the divorce process and their approach
  • Answer your questions so that you can ensure that you engage a lawyer who will be a good fit (See my Interview Questions for Divorce Lawyers)

I can refer you to respected mediators and attorneys in the Boston area. My referral list consists of attorneys who are client-focused and span the spectrum of fee structures. I do not receive any compensation from these attorneys for referrals; I recommend them based on my confidence in them to act on your best interest.

I can help you prepare to interview prospective representation. (Click here to see my Services)

Through my list of referrals, I am also able to help locate equally qualified representation in other geographical areas as well.

Remember, your legal representation will set the tone of your divorce regardless of the chosen method.

Please contact me to discuss any questions you may have or to set up a complimentary coaching session.

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