Quick – Right Now – Are You a Racehorse or a Workhorse?

I had never thought to consider how I was thinking about life – until during my divorce a very wise friend asked me this very question.

When we are young we have our lives ahead of us, we are learning, experiencing new things, wonder is all around us – we run towards freedom and growth.  Envision a racehorse.

As we begin to take on responsibilities, rent, bills, children, pets… racehorse becomes quiet, and a workhorse enters ever so slowly.  So slow that we don’t even realize it has happened.

When a stressful event happens, like divorce  – the workhorse is all in, yet probably feeling older, slower, less motivated to head out each day.  So much is expected of those divorcing.  Yet, divorce offers an opportunity to let the racehorse out again.  Who do I want to be? What do I want to do?  Now things will be on my terms.   Yes, we have work to do, responsibilities but let’s aspire to race.  Think of yourself as a racehorse in training, the big race isn’t tomorrow, but it is coming.

Try this:  close your eyes envision yourself as a workhorse, sense how your body feels – do you have a sensation somewhere in your body?  Now do it again but this time you are a racehorse – you are running fast, wind behind you, you are strong, powerful, nothing to stop you ahead.  How does that feel?

Realizing we won’t be racehorses straight away – allow yourself to be the racehorse in training.   Remember you have an opportunity to grow, become strong, and establish a new you.  A you that is true to who you are.

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