Expert Coaching Services

Move through and beyond your divorce with
grace and respect

It is my sincere mission to support you through your divorce process and help you gain clarity and a positive direction in a manner that is safe and non-judgmental.

Working together, we will discover empowering ways
to address the challenges you face.

Because every situation is unique, I’ll customize a service package that’s specific to your individual needs. I have found my clients benefit most when they prepay for blocks of time. This arrangement allows me to provide you more cost-savings opportunities.

However, I also offer a per-session rate for those who prefer one.

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation Today

I encourage you to schedule your free, no obligation, 45-minute introduction meeting. During this conversation (in person or by Skype or phone) you’ll be able to share your greatest concerns and gain a sense of how I can support you. From there we’ll create a custom plan that’s just right for you.

Getting started is easy. Contact me or call me directly at 508.574.7688.

For your convenience. My coaching services are not limited to my geographical area. My experience and expertise are equally valuable to you whether we’re working by phone, by Skype, or in person.

Through my wide-ranging referral network, I can always find the resources you need
in your area.

Here is a sampling of the many services I provide my clients:

Create a plan to approach your divorce Work towards saving your marriage
Plan and deal with a trial separation Helpto break it all down and get grounded
Join you in the attorney’s office or courtroom Locate quality legal representation
Find financial support and guidance Connect you with therapists if needed
Act as a sounding board when making difficult decisions Help craft effective communications
Provide a safe outlet for expressing emotions Formulate  productive responses to emotionally-charged situations
Create healthy boundaries Resolve ethical and moral dilemmas
Set achievable expectations Motivate motivating action steps

I welcome the opportunity to partner with you on your personal journey.

Set Your FREE Consultation Today

Arrange your free, no obligation, 20-minute introduction meeting today. It’s an ideal way to share your concerns and discover how I can support you. From there we’ll design a personalized action plan that will get you back on track.

Contact me or call me directly at 508.574.7688.

Contact me or call me directly at 508.574.7688.