Top Three Questions I am Asked

The process of divorce stirs up a lot of questions to which you need answers. Here are three of the most important ones I have helped my clients work through.

Can trial separations work?

A well thought out and structured trial separation can be an extremely worthwhile process because it gives you:

  • Space that helps to calm emotions
  • Time to review your options and make decisions
  • An opportunity to live apart, logistically and emotionally
  • Boundaries that give you the room you need to heal and think
  • A framework for discussing your next steps so you’re not in limbo
  • A chance to save your marriage or ease the stress of a divorce

The success of your separation will depend on your effort, your consistency, how well you stick to your plan and how well you make healthy adjustments that are best for your children.

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How do I tell my spouse I want to separate or divorce?

Without a doubt, this is always a tough conversation to start. Many become paralyzed by this conversation due to the fear of how it will disrupt the family dynamic.

It takes tremendous courage to initiate a change of this magnitude. Having this kind of courage is far more commendable than creating an unbearable environment that forces your spouse to begin the conversation.

In my experience, I have found that you will gain the courage if you aspire to separate or divorce in a healthy way and do the preparation that makes this possible.

How can I ease the impact on my children?

Just asking this question is a great start!

When you reach the decision to divorce, the one thing that can paralyze you from taking the next step is the fear of impacting your children.

Quite simply, the best way to soften the blow on your children is to make a clear decision to divorce well. Here are five ways in which you can do this.

  1. Know for certain divorce is the answer, and your marriage can’t be saved.
  2. Leave your children out of it!
  3. Remain respectful of your child’s other parent.
  4. Be fair and reasonable.
  5. Stay in a problem solving mindset.

I say this over and over: “Divorce is hard, so don’t make it harder. If you do the best you

can for your children – you are on your way to making this easier on them.”




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