What if I know someone who could use your services?

Do you know someone who you think could use a divorce coach, but you aren’t sure how to explain why? Below are some pages that can help you along. Feel free to print them or email them.

What is a Divorce Coach? You know how divorce can be frustrating, confusing and incredibly stressful? A Divorce Coach helps you with all of that – find the resources you need, unravel the confusion, work through the process productively, make good decisions despite the stress, plus manage the frustration and negative impact of the experience. A Divorce Coach is an independent, objective, educated support system for this specific, chaotic event in your life. If you don’t know your way through the labyrinth that is the divorce process, a Divorce Coach is just what you need. 

Asking the Hard (a.k.a. important) Questions:

Divorce: Where Do You Stand?

Is your Trial Separation on the Right Path?

Interviewing Attorneys? Ask These Questions


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