You Don’t Need a Pit Bull Divorce Attorney

My client, Brian, wanted to initiate divorce and reached out to me for help in finding good legal representation. He was looking for an attorney who would be extremely aggressive.

“I’m certain my wife will hire the nastiest divorce lawyer she can find,” Brian said. “She’ll want to make this all about me. She’ll want to make me pay, literally and emotionally.”

On an intellectual level, Brian understood my preference for a problem-solving attorney – one who will strive for the best possible outcome for all concerned – rather than a super-aggressive fighter. At the same time, he was worried he might be steamrolled into an unfair agreement. “I want you to get me the toughest pit bull you know,” he said.

Fortunately, he was open minded enough to listen to my explanation of pit bulls vs. problem-solvers.

First of all, I’m a dog lover, so let’s acknowledge that not all pit bulls are ugly fighters. They’re smart dogs that are naturally protective, and most will only fight when necessary. Some, unfortunately, have been trained to fight dirty.

What happens when two pit bulls who have been trained to fight dirty are put into a ring?

Well, we know this is illegal for a reason. When two overly-aggressive divorce lawyers go head to head, you can be sure the entire family and their finances will be beat up and tossed around. Chaos will ensue. The likely result: total destruction.

A pit bull attorney makes unreasonable demands, knowing full well they have little chance of flying in a courtroom. Can this type of lawyer really be concerned for the future of their client, when they’re willing to cause so much damage in the present?

Now consider what happens when you retain a smart, constructively aggressive, problem-solving attorney.

The kind of attorney who doesn’t run away from a fight, but is driven to work toward the best possible outcome. You have much better chance of reaching a settlement that’s fair to all parties, one that any judge would approve, should you end up in court.

If Brian hires this kind of divorce lawyer, his chances of having a solid foundation for the future would increase dramatically.

  • His children would be protected from unnecessary upheaval
  • His expenses would be better controlled
  • His wife’s pit bull attorney would be managed by a professional

Naturally, we all want to avoid the kind of courtroom battles that end with a judge making decisions about our future. Still, you must always act and negotiate as though you’ll eventually end up in front of a judge.

While you may have little say in your spouse’s behavior, you do have control over your own choices. So why not start by hiring an attorney that a judge will recognize as responsible, reasonable, and credible?

Start strong. Choose a divorce attorney who won’t deliberately create chaos, but will work for the future of your family and the best possible outcome.

Contact me for help in finding the right representation for you.

You don’t have to feel trapped and unappreciated during your divorce. I can help you.

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